• Abundance (n): the state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness. This elixir was inspired by our desire to share some of high summer's most tantilizing abundance on the hillside. A blend of fresh wildcrafted plants and berries nourishing to the heart and soul steeped in a mixture of brandy and our own lilac infused honey for several weeks.  Yes, it's as wildly intoxicating as it sounds. Comes in a 2 oz dropper bottle.


    In the spirit of ensuring that true abundance is shared by all, 25% of all proceeds from the Ephemeral Series Part III installation will be donated to SuSu Healing Collective (Brattleboro, VT) and the Rogue Valley Relief Fund (Rogue Valley, OR).   


    Ingredients: Brandy, Lilac Infused Raw Honey, Fresh Raspberries**, Fresh Bee Balm**, Lemon Balm *, Fresh Rose Petals**, Elderflower**, + Ginger*

    *Certfiied Organic Ingredient//**Ethically wildcrafted 


    Suggested Use: Take 0.5 -1 tsp up to three times daily to brighten the spirit and embody Earthly abundance. 


    Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please consult your physician if you are taking medications or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Abundance Elixir

    • Raspberry (Rubus idaeus): Ripening red raspberries midst thorny brambles is a true sign of high summer here in the Northeast. Not only is this summer ephemeral's fruit impossibly delicious, but they are also highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  The leaves of young rapsberry canes are also jam-packed with minerals, like calcium and magnesium, making them a great addition to a nutritive tea. 


      Red Bee Balm (Monarda didyma): Bee Balm, also called wild bergamot or Oswego tea, is known for its unique flowering structure and blooms of red, pink, purple, or white. Our red bee balm is harvested in peak flower from our abundant perennial gardens. Monarda species are rich in thymol, a volatile oil that is strongly antiseptic and useful for colds, flus, respiratory and oral infections, and gas/bloating. Herbalist Matthew Wood also offers bee balm as a calmative for those who experience anxiety, excessive nervousness, and troubles with identifying one's passions. 


      Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis): Sometimes called the "happy herb", Lemon Balm is an aromatic nervine indicated for the busy bees in our lives. A wonderful ally in alleviating insomnia and restlessness associated with stress and anxiety. As a member of the mint family, this herb is superb at easing nervous digestion and holds antiviral properties.


      Rose (Rosa spp): A floral nervine euphoriant that is well indicated for energetic and emotional imbalances. Rose offers itself as a powerful ally for softening and opening the heart, while also helping us to create healthy relational boundaries. Rose has a long tradition for grief and anxiety support, and is also a powerful astringent and anti-inflammatory making it a common ingredient in skincare and cardio tonic formulas.


      Elderflower (Sambucus spp): The dainty ivory star-shaped flowers of elder have long been used in English tradtions as staples for floral beverages, preserves, and baked treats. These fragrant blossoms are also quite medicinal,  offering anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic (fever reducing), and nervine effects. Elderflower is a common ingredient in folk tea remedies for fever and flu.  Some say that summer never quite arrives until elder is in bloom! 


      Ginger (Zingiber officinale): Long associated as a firey tonic, ginger root has a characteristic pungent heat that is indicated for gastrointestinal upsets, poor circluation, and immune support. Ginger has a stimulating and moving energy and while brings warmth to the solar plexus.