Our 2021 certified organic Suver Haze crop is now available! Sun and soil grown using organic and regenerative practices on our hillside farm in Central Vermont. Featuring 12.12% CBD and no detectable delta-9 THC. Excellent nose with b-myrcene, caryophellene, and a-humulene present in terpene profile.  This flower features well-structured buds with intensely crystalline trichomes, a beautiful product for smokable or extraction uses.  Dried and cured in a climate controlled environment without UV penetration.  Full panel testing, including potency, terpene analysis, mycotoxins, moisture content, and total aerobic and yeast and mold available. Hand trimmed to order. 


Lineage: Suver #8 x ERB


Terpenes Present: Beta myrcene, caryophellene, alpha-humulene, alpha-pinene, limonene, and more


Certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. 


COA: SH_2021


For bulk pricing for orders over 5 lbs, please contact us at info@hillsidebotanicals.com

Suver Haze Hemp Flower - 12.12% CBD