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Committed to the vitality of the environment and our local communities. We recognize our business and bottom line is only as strong as the ecosystems it depends upon, that’s why we’re committed to using regenerative and socially responsible practices.  


Rooted in place. We live, work, and play in Vermont, and we plan to be here stewarding the land and serving our neighbors for the long haul.  


Choosing local. Vermont has a striking tradition and reputation for keeping business local. We choose to invest our dollars locally whenever possible.


The hemp industry is changing rapidly and climate chaos is demanding we rethink approaches to agriculture and business in general. We seek to invest in our team’s development so we can make informed and proactive business decisions to rise to any challenge.


We challenge the notion of  “sustainability.” Rather than having less of an impact to sustain the status quo, we believe in maximizing our positive impact on the landscape and within our local communities.  We see the intersections of regenerative agriculture, the tradition of herbalism, and values-driven business as a way to do just that. 


But, what is regenerative agriculture? Regenerative Agriculture is a holistic approach to growing crops that improves the resources it utilizes, such as soil and water, rather than depleting them.  It is a cultivation approach that encourages innovation and a deeper connection to the land. Some of the most noteworthy impacts of regenerative agriculture is its ability to build robust living soils, sequester atmospheric carbon, improve water quality, and encourage overall farm resiliency. At Hillside Botanicals, we employ the following techniques to meet these desired outcomes:

  • Planting on a permanent raised bed system that was designed with swales built on contour. This erases the need to till and prevents erosion and stormwater runoff from our hillside fields.

  • Cover cropping with native flowering species to build soil health and encourage pollinators.  Many of these plants are also used in our herb-infused products, which allows us to achieve stacking functions within the farmscape.  

  • Drip irrigation via a gravity fed system that requires no power and makes efficient, responsible use of on-site spring water

  • Rotational grazing of heritage breed ducks through the cultivation fields. This provides a mechanism of pest resistance, reduces the need for mowing, adds nutrients to the soil, and provides sincere entertainment.

Regeneration must exist beyond the land if we are to achieve collective well-being. We envision a culture that is built upon trust and interdependence. A culture that is inclusive to all diversity and is able to adapt in the face of change, just like the vibrant ecosystems of nature.  At Hillside Botanicals, we're committed to nurturing this culture, which is why we make an effort to practice values-driven business:​

  • We honor the plants as our greatest teachers and seek to share their gifts to our community in meaningful and accessible ways.

  • Any ingredients we can't grow or produce ourselves are procured from local or domestic suppliers that align with our values and standards of cultivation. This helps keep our carbon footprint in check and cycles money locally.

  • We try to maintain zero waste packaging. This includes reusable, up-cylced or paper based packaging and plant based tape.

  • We take civic engagement seriously and communicate regularly with our local and state officials about issues impacting our community and the local hemp industry.

  • We're committed to sharing our knowledge and experiences to encourage the evolution of a vital community of farmers, herb enthusiasts, wellness professionals, and all around happy humans.



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