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2024 Bulk Medicinal Herb
certified organic medicinal herbs

Vermont Grown with Regenerative Practices

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About our Bulk Herb Pre-order Program:

We're pleased to offer our certified organic and Real Organic Certified medicinal herbs to herbalists, product makers, apothecaries, and kitchen witches of all kinds!   Our bulk pre-order program is a great option for those who would like to ensure they have access to an inventory of high-quality organic herbs.  All of our herbs are grown from seed or our own perennial stock, and are carefully tended, harvested, and processed by hand throughout the season.

Pre-orders allows us to ensure we plan appropriately for our own internal inventory as well as the needs of our customers seeking larger quantities of herbs.  They additionally support our small farm in affording early-season start-up costs. Note: There is a 1 lb minimum per species to qualify for bulk pre-orders. 


New Wholesale Pre-Order Discounts Available:

Wholesale Tier 1: 10% orders over 5lbs (Mix & match species, min 1 lb per species), 15% Allyship Discount (for BIPOC)
Wholesale Tier 2: 15% orders over $500, 5% Additional Allyship Discount for BIPOC
Wholesale Tier 3: 20% orders over $1000, 5% Additional Allyship Discount for BIPOC

What is the Allyship Discount?!

Our Allyship Discount is offered to individuals and companies owned by those of underrepresented communities. This includes, but is not exclusive to, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) individuals. Underrepresented communities include those who have historically and continue to experience systemic forms of oppression and violence.  Much of Modern Western Herbalism and the regenerative agriculture movement has been built upon the traditional and cultural knowledge of BIPOC communities around the world, a reality that is often harshly overlooked and unacknowledged.  As means of reparations and allyship with these communities, we provide a 15% discount on all bulk herb pricing, with no minimums required.

To Place a Pre-Order:

  • Please review our Bulk Herb Pre-order Price List below for this season's planned production.  Use the embedded form send your pre-order request to us no later than March 15th.  Please indicate in the form if you are seeking access to the Allyship Discount (Reminder: this is for those of underrepresented communities). 


  • Once your order is reviewed we will send a confirmation email with a deposit request of 25% of the order value (After discounts are applied).   Orders are not confirmed until the deposit is received!


  • You will be notified when your order is ready for shipping (USPS) or pick-up. Payment for the remaining balance of the order is required at the time of pick-up or before shipping. Orders can be picked up at our W. Brookfield farm, Burlington and Norwich Farmers Markets. We can arrange delivery in the Greater Randolph Area upon request.


We will notify you in advance should adverse season conditions/crop failures impact our ability to fulfill any portion of your order. We will adjust the remaining balance on your order as needed. 

For questions, email


2024 Bulk Herbs Pre Order Price List

We are a Vermont Organic Certified farm
We are a Real Organic Certified farm.
We are Bee Friendly Farming Certified farm
Bulk Herb Pre Order Form

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