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Our Co-founder Sarah taking a walk in a our medicinal herb garden

Hillside Botanicals is a diversified hemp and medicinal herb farm and wellness product manufacturer located in Central Vermont, the unceded ancestral territory of the Abenaki people. This southwesterly hillside brings wondrous views of the Green Mountains and radiant sunsets that spill across our fields of hemp, medicinal herbs, and perennial crops. The vision that has become Hillside Botanicals was deeply inspired by this place and its energy.  In 2018 Hillside Botanicals was founded as a hobby farm that quickly became a mission-driven agricultural venture that celebrates and amplifies the rich biodiversity that sustains us. 

In many ways, we are drawn to this work as activists for a regenerative future. We refuse to perpetuate extractive economies that are damaging to natural resources and our collective health. We recognize the obvious intersections of environmental degradation and human dis-ease, yet firmly believe that we can achieve collective well-being with intentional relationship to the Earth. With natural systems as our teachers, we cultivate high-quality hemp and medicinal herbs in communion with robust soils, clean water, and healthy plant and animal communities.


Our mission is simple: To cultivate medicine for people and planet. 





Our Co-founder showing off a medicinal herb harvest in our field



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Co-Founder. Clinical Herbalist. 

Sarah is a Vermont transplant, originating from the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Vermont with a BA in Global Studies, Community Development, and Food Systems, and has received two Permaculture Design Certifications. She has worked with community garden programs, national electoral politics, cannabis cultivation, and the renewable energy industry. Sarah received her Clinical Herbalist training at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism and currently runs Humble Hummingbird L3C, a private sliding-scale herbal practice. She feels most called to facilitate the reclamation of our human connection to the land and plants as means to achieve holistic well-being. When not juggling farm work, product formulations, and business operations, Sarah can usually be found barefoot in a garden, grooving to live music, or plugging into social and environmental justice work.

Our co-founder Nathan in our permanent raised bed herb field



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Nathan is a third generation Vermonter from Randolph, VT. He holds a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Norwich University where he also played on the men's soccer team. After graduation, Nathan spent two years as a design and development engineer before leaving to apprentice with Ben Falk, an ecological designer in Central Vermont. Upon completion of the apprenticeship Nathan worked full-time gaining substantial experience in broad-acre crop implementation and management. Nathan also holds many years experience in the specialty food manufacturing industry as both a production assistant and facility engineer, which has given him a unique perspective on the nuances of food and wellness certifications and safety. After a brief stint working for Green Leaf Organics, a medical cannabis grower in California, he returned to Vermont to begin establishing the Hillside Botanicals farm on the land that raised him. In his spare time (what's that?), Nathan enjoys skiing, jumping into some pick-up soccer, and live music.

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